Where to Start if You're New to Consistent + Sustainable Planning

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You ever feel like you want to start with being intentional with your time and terms like "optimize your time" sound good but you don't know how to get started or don't think it'll work for you because your schedule is unpredictable, feels chaotic, doesn't have a lot or has too much?  

We understand.  I want to take the "I don't know..." or "it can't work for me right now..." out of your mouth, mind and heart and offer you direct steps to help you get started right where you are.

We've created a Resources checklist for you making it simple to get started, it's included in the welcome email when you join Best Today® Email Insiders, you can do that here.



The short answer: if you're new or getting started back with being consistent with planning start with planning your weeks and days ahead of time. That's it. Those two things consistently for 1-3 months is the assignment at hand. 

Our customers consistently report that learning how to do this has been the most helpful practice they learned when starting to be more intentional with their time.   Here are the resources you'll need.

1. How to Preview Your Months, Weeks and Days Digital Download


Consistently and proactively previewing and planning your weeks and days are core teachings of Best Today® and we teach you exactly how to do it with examples and mockups in the Guide to Previewing + Planning your months, weeks and days.  Before you begin, get the how to first, it will eliminate the procrastination.  The Guide gives you the how.

2. Weekly Preview Products

Proactively previewing your weeks has gotten easier with the Weekly Preview Planning Pads.  

Weekly Preview Pads allow you to overview your week while also remembering your focus and what success at the end of the week looks like to you. They come in two versions, Clear Your Mind with space to keep track of ideas that would otherwise live in your head during the week (first below) and Full Weekly. 


The Best Today Today® Guide, our signature product is a14-week guided planner that you use every week, day and night. More than just a planner, the Best Today Guide doesn't focus on helping you to do more, it helps you get clear on who you are, what you want and walks you step-by-step on how to get there with our 3-Step process.

The Best Today® Guide has your month, week and days all in one place. But if that is not for you right now choose one of the weekly planning pads here.

3. Daily Planning Products 

Choose which tool best fits your daily needs from the Today's Results & Outcomes Pad, My Daily Plan Pad or the Best Today® Guide.

The Today's results & Outcome Pad comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and is the one place you can plan out your day and live it out at the same time. With a place for your next steps, questions, hurdles, things to calendar and more you'll love this pad for planning and living out your days!


The My Daily Plan pad comes right out of the Best Today® Guide. We took our guided daily planning page and turned it into a pad for those who want to plan their days using the system without the full Best Today® Guide.

And because you're ready to get started with both, we've put together Week to Day Bundles to give you everything all at once at a bundle offering! 


These bundles include your choice of the Today's Results & Outcomes Pad or My Daily Plan Pad + your choice of weekly preview pad and the Guide to Previewing and Planning your weeks and days to give you everything you need to preview and plan your weeks and days!

You're ready to get started with resources to preview and plan your weeks and days!  Your Guide on how to Preview and Plan will come to you immediately so that you can prepare while your products ship.  Click here to get started! 

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