About Best Today®

At Best Today®, we create physical, digital and experiential resources to transform how you plan, schedule, work and live.  We believe that life is to be lived intentionally and we teach you how to get started one today at a time™.  We create with women in mind, but welcome all humans to benefit from what we offer. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is two-fold.  First, we empower women to overcome overwhelm, burnout and overall busyness in their every day by teaching them how to optimize their time through proaction and intentionality.  Second, we provide tools that help you uncover and discover who you are and what you want, so that you can overcome the distractions of this world and live a life of joy, health, and intention. 

How We Fulfill Our Mission

Content.  Our weekly podcast, the Best Today® Podcast, provides encouragement and guidance every Monday morning.  With over 100 episodes dedicated to empower you to live a life of intention, center your humanity and make time your ally instead of your enemy, you'll find what you need right now, so go find the episode that you need right now, categories can be found here!

Community.  Our online community and app, the Best Today® Community, gives our customers a safe space to ask questions, share what's working, and commune together in our weekly calls, live workshops and daily support through posts. 

Products Our products help you right where you are.  If you're new to proactively planning your weeks, days or months we teach you how and give you the products to get started.  Need help with routine or planning and executing your goals or projects, we've got you covered.  And our Anytime Today™ Journal gives you a simple and effective way to check in with yourself as often as you need. 

Our best-selling product is our 14-week undated guided planner, the Best Today® Guide which not only allows you to proactively plan your months, weeks and days, but also gives you guided space at the start and finish to get clear on what matters over the next 14 weeks.  Not ready to start with the Best Today® Guide?  Shop our daily planning, weekly planningonline programs, encouragement and journals to discover the start to your best todays!

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Corporate TrainingWe want to transform the way that you work and live.  Our founder, Shunta Grant, leads High Impact Teams Training designed to help mission-driven organizations to unite their teams and keep them effectively engaged in executing their work without burnout or poor time management.  Learn more and schedule a discovery call here.