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I Have a Question

Most Frequently Asked Questions

That's an excellent question. The Best Today®️ Guide is an undated 14-week paper guide that helps you plan your days with intention.  The Best Today®️ Guide goes beyond the limitations of traditional planners, providing you with a proven 3-step process that requires (and teaches) intentionality and consistency.  The Best Today®️ Guide is the only product you need to plan your weeks and days all in one place. 

We created an entire page to explain and show you! Click here.

The Best Today®️ Guide is approximately 10 inches long and 7.5 inches wide.

It is not dated so you can order yours right now and get started the second you see that pretty box land on your doorstep!

See inside the Best Today®️ Guide here.

No, it is a fact that you receive multiple benefits from handwriting pen to paper, especially when building good (or new) habits.  Because of that, the Best Today®️ Guide comes in paper form only.  So that you can derive the benefit from the product, we commit to keeping it in paper form only. 

Orders of 10 or more Best Today®️ Guides qualify for our Bulk Order program. Learn more about our Bulk Order Program here.

Right Now Routine™ is our online training in the form of a digital product (video + workbook) that teaches you how to create realistic routine that works for your life right now.  You get immediate access when you sign up and the training is less than 40 minutes.  We highly recommend every woman take this training that over 1,500 women have walked through and raved about how life-changing it is. You can learn more here.

We are often asked which to begin with Right Now Routine™ or the Best Today®️ Guide and the answer is, both. The majority of our customers begin both simultaneously.

We recommend if you need help with routine and developing systems in your life to enroll in Right Now Routine™. It's less than one hour and will help you understand some of the key principles that we teach. Click here to read more about Right Now Routine™.

The Best Today®️ Guide helps you then live out those principles one today at a time.

You do not need Right Now Routine™ to use the Best Today®️ Guide or vice versa.  They work together to help you on your journey to becoming proactive and intentional with your time. All of our resources work together to aid you in being your best one today at a time! 

Our membership is open to all women who desire to be their best one today at a time. If you are on the journey of becoming proactive and intentional with your time, living a life of intention or new to Best Today®️ we highly recommend joining the Membership Community.

Choose from month-to-month (which gives you the chance to join and decide if it's helpful to you) or save and sign up for our annual membership!

Best Today®️ Guide orders give you your first month inside of the Membership Community FREE! You'll receive an email after your order with details on how to receive your first month free.

You do not need to use or have the Best Today®️ Guide to join the Membership. Click here to learn more or join.

No. We honor our commitment to you 365 days of the year to maintain our prices so that you don't have to second-guess when is the "best time" to order products that can help you to change your life for the better.  We do, however, offer exclusive perks, deals and savings to our Membership Community, email insiders and text squad periodically throughout the year so make sure to click the link and sign up for the one or more that makes sense for you!  We also offer a bulk order rate for Best Today® Guides as explained here.

Email our Customer Team at besttoday@shuntagrant.com or contact us here.

We look forward to speaking with you!