What is the Best Today Guide?

The Best Today® Guide is an undated 14-week paper planner that helps you plan your days with intention.  The Best Today Guide goes beyond the limitations of traditional planners, providing you with a proven 3-step process that requires (and teaches) intentionality and consistency.  The Best Today® Guide is the only product you need to plan your weeks and days all in one place. Once you’re done, order your next Best Today Guide and celebrate your progress! 

What's Inside?

  1. Sample pages to show you how to use the Best Today® Guide.
  2. Intentional start pages to help you get clear on who you are, what you want and the necessary habits, behaviors and patterns to get you there.
  3. Guided pages to plan out your next 14 weeks including space to narrow your focus and list your goals, projects, or anything that gets your focus during the 14 weeks.
  4. A page to record your wins, memories and lessons throughout the 14 weeks.
  5. A month-by-month page to break down what is necessary each month.
  6. Free space blank pages to use as you'd like.
  7. Weekly preview pages to preview each week.
  8. Daily page to plan out each day including your morning and evening routine, what you will do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being, defining the most important thing for the day and space for your results and outcomes (what needs to be accomplished) needed within the day. 
  9. Review pages to make space to reflect on the previous 14 weeks before beginning your next Best Today® Guide.
  10. Best Today® Morning page to give you space to think through and write out what matters each day and what does not.  

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Order your Best Today® Guide today and join thousands of women across the globe who boldly proclaim, "This is What My Best Today Looks Like!"