Meet Shunta


Hi, I'm Shunta (shun-tay) Grant!

I'm a woman on a mission to help humans be proactive and intentional with their time through planning and routine that connects to who you are, what you want, and the season of life you're in.  While everything that I create works for both men and women, I create with women in mind. 

I am deeply passionate about this work because I know how foundational it is to understand who it is you want to become and to plan accordingly.  I believe that planning is much more than listing out "to do's" every day of your life which is why our products promote being over doing and being before doing.

I understand the constant pressure to define ourselves by titles, salaries, status and the like and one of the consequences is a society filled with people living unfulfilled lives that aren't connected to who they are and what they really want.  Too many people are living lives that lack intention. 

When I looked around at planning products, I realized that most only add to busy-culture and none focused on helping the customer be introspective and self-aware on a daily basis, focusing on one today at a time.  So I created the Best Today® Guide and Best Today® company to bring a new perspective for those longing to live lives of health and intention. 

I believe that our schedules and time should connect to who we are, what we want, and the season of life we are in.  Life is too short and valuable to waste it away to-do list by to-do list.  There is a better way to plan and live with intention ensuring that what we do aligns with who we want to be and become.

So I create products and resources that help women focus on what matters most first so that their plans lead them to where they want to go.  To put it simply, I help women live intentionally. 

And I don't stop there.  I am on a mission to help humans live and work well.  I train corporate teams through my High Impact Teams Training Program and welcome you to learn more by clicking here

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