Best Today® Teams

With many employees and team members re-entering the physical work space or transitioning to work from home full time, we know how important it is for every person to have a healthy relationship with their time.

Burn out is happening worldwide in companies, organizations and teams both large and small (and in between).  But what if the people in your company, in your nonprofit, on your team were able to better understand how to be proactive and intentional with their time at work and away from work.

If you want healthy and effective people inside of your organization, this program is for you.  How your staff and team utilize their time both at work and away from work directly impacts your company and the fulfillment of its mission (because your mission is fulfilled through the work of your people).

Your people are your most valuable and most important resource and that's why we created Best Today® Teams, a training program that puts concrete tools and training in the hands of your people to help them to be proactive and intentional with their time.

We created Best Today® Teams to solve a problem permeating places of work across the globe.  

    What is Best Today® Teams?


    1. Best Today® Teams is our training program that puts your team on one page when it comes to being proactive and intentional with their time.  We provide each team member with our Right Now Routine™ training and workbook, a Best Today® Guide (optional) and training on how to apply these tools in your day-to-day. Together these tools teach routine and planning in a way that will teach your people how to be effective and intentional with their time at work and away from work.
    2. Your team walks away with knowledge on how to create routines that aid them at both work and home.  Participants leave the training with specific steps and the exact tools they need to work with focus and intention.
    3. Choose from one of three training tiers.  All trainings are taught by our founder, Shunta Grant: 
      • Live in person training 
      • Live virtual training 
      • Pre-recorded training 
    Who is Best Today® Teams for?
    The Best Today® Teams program is for any company, nonprofit, school, church, organization or any group who wants to see its employees, staff, and/or team members show up as their best at work by being proactive and intentional with their time.  

    If you care about the work that you do and the people who do it, this program is for you.

    How do I receive pricing information and apply? 

    To apply for the Best Today® Teams training program and receive pricing information complete this form and a member of the Best Today® team will be in contact with you within 2 business days. 

    Complete this form to request more information.  

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