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Best Today® helps women overcome overwhelm, burnout and overall busyness in their every day by teaching them how to optimize their time through proaction and intentionality.  We do this through physical, digital and experiential resources that embrace the digital world that we live in while simultaneously acknowledging the proven benefits of journaling and writing out your plans.  Our holistic approach eliminates barriers to success by incorporating a focus on introspection and prioritizing mental, emotional and physical well-being daily.

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With customers in over 25 countries and all 50 states, we have helped thousands to overcome the behaviors that lead to overwhelm and burnout.

One today at a time™, small steps will build the consistency and results you're looking for.


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A guided planning system

You're not left alone to write out to-do's or fill in empty spaces. The Best Today® Guide offers you step-by-step guidance through our 3-step planning system.

online community + support

You'll get to know the women in the Community and feel the love and support right from the start! Download the Community app on your Apple or Android for easy access.

guided video instruction

Video coaching and instruction throughout your first 14 weeks. You are fully supported as you begin the journey of being proactive and intentional with your time!

a new way of being

Exchange busy "to-do list" culture for learning how to take small, specific and intentional steps while prioritizing being over doing in the process.

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