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It's another exciting week that we have prepared for you at Best Today®.  Keep reading for details on all the things going on this week! 
  • Monday at noon Eastern check your inbox for an exciting announcement sharing our upcoming TEAL FRIDAY this Friday and what that entails for you!  
  • Listen to a brand new episode of the Best Today® Podcast, episode 141-- 3 Life (and Money) Lessons from the Psychology of Money.  You can listen wherever podcasts are streamed including Spotify and Apple Music or listen right here on our website on Monday at


  • As we enter the week before the Thanksgiving holiday Shunta wants to check in with you.  She has set aside time to check in with customers this Wednesday, you'll receive that email Wednesday morning.  We'd love to hear from you! To join our email insiders for free, click here.


  • Our final workshop in the 3-Part Workshop Series takes place at 1:00 p.m. ET on Thursday:  Overcoming Overwhelm: Your First Steps to breaking free from the grip and guilt of productivity culture.  It's an important topic and we want to see you there or sign up to receive the replay which comes automatically to you when you purchase the workshop. Click here to get workshop access. 


  • TEAL FRIDAY!! More details in your inbox on Monday!  But set an alarm on your phone to log into at 10 a.m. ET on Friday for Teal Friday! 


  • Every Saturday Shunta publishes a new post on her online publication, For Those on the Journey.  You can subscribe here to read this Saturday's post and the many from previous weeks!

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