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The Anytime Today™️ Journal is here and I am so thrilled to share every detail with you! 

 What is the Anytime Today™️ Journal?

The short answer: the Anytime Today™ journal is a simple and effective way to check in with yourself at any time in writing. 

The Anytime Today™️ journal has four prompts for you to choose from: 

Today I Am

Today I Feel

Today I Need

Today I Want 

These four prompts call you inward and invite you to slow down at any time in any day (or night) to honor yourself, check in and reflect. 

Why these four prompts? 

In a world that pushes you to move at a fast pace, these four prompts slow you down and call you inward.  How are you today?  What are you feeling? What do you need? What do you want?  As you begin thinking and writing through these prompts, you will uncover more about yourself and build consistency with listening to your voice as opposed to the outward opinions and voices of others.  That is why these four prompts are so powerful. 

You are worthy of the space made for exploration, uncovering, release, and the many other benefits of journaling within the pages of the Anytime Today™ Journal.  



How often do you write in your Anytime Today™️ Journal?

The short answer: journal inside as often as you want or need.

Within the pages of the Anytime Today™️ Journal you will discover an effective and sustainable way to honor yourself, check in and reflect as often as you need with no pressure to write daily, but also the freedom to do so if that is what you want or need. 

You can write in the morning.

You can write in the evening.

You can write during the day.

You can write daily.

You can write sporadically.

You can write multiple times a day.

The most successful use of the Anytime Today™ Journal is making it your own and using it to meet your needs one today at a time™.   There is no need to wait for the “perfect” words or pens.  Start where you are, as you are, with what you have. 

Why did I create the Anytime Today™ Journal?

I created the Anytime Today™ Journal to draw a world of women away from the distractions of this world.  It is so easy to lose sight of who you are, what you want, and what you need when there are constant messages telling you who you should be, what you should want, how you should feel, and the list goes on.  Getting clear on who you are and what you want requires stillness, slowness and moving to a different beat than the one orchestrated in the background of the culture that we live in. 

Checking in with yourself can come in a variety of forms, but one of the simplest ways comes from responding to four prompts: today I am, today I feel, today I need, today I want.  So simple. So powerful. Especially when you allow yourself to do this checkin consistently and as often as you need without judgment. 

My hope is that with consistent use of the Anytime Today™ Journal, you will find yourself asking these questions throughout your daily life.  For example, when the pressure of comparison creeps in, you will acknowledge it and pause to ask yourself, is this what I want?  Does this matter to me? Is this what I need? Does this align with who I am?  Moving from potentially unhealthy behaviors to healthy thought processes that benefit your life. 

In early 2022 I surveyed our audience and the vast majority (63%) said that they did not journal consistently but would like to; they needed a way to get started that was low pressure and provided guidance.  The Anytime Today journal is my response to meet the needs of the women for whom I create. 

What else is inside?

The bulk of the journal are your prompt pages which also include space at the top to circle the date and write the time. 

Inside you’ll also find affirming reminders to encourage you and remind you of your inherent worthiness and capability.

I am so excited to introduce a simple, effective and sustainable way to journal and honor yourself. I have consistently found in my own personal journaling that writing reveals things that I didn’t know I was thinking or feeling.

I want this journal to be an invitation to make space and time for yourself– at work, at home, in your car, on your lunch break, after dinner, during your quiet time, on vacation, wherever you are, and at any time, the Anytime Today™ Journal is here for you.  

Sized to make it easy to travel along with you, the Anytime Today™️ Journal is going to be your new favorite item! 

My offering to you with the Anytime Today™️ Journal is stillness, self-awareness, introspection, worthiness, recognition, freedom, intention, exploration, release, ease, uncovering, honesty, care, time and love.

The Anytime Today™️ Journal will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, March 7th at NOON EASTERN TIME right here at and will begin shipping in late March 2023.

Please plan to pre-order on March 7th, not only does it help us to be able to ship immediately when they arrive to keep room in our limited office space but it also helps us to continue growing and offering new products. Pre-orders matter to small businesses and I ask that you plan to order the Anytime Today™ Journal for you, a friend, your sister, your cousin, your mom, your work bestie, and your neighbor on March 7th at 12 p.m. eastern.

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  • I am excited for this! Thank you for creating another tool to help us find our inner voice in this very noisy world, a way to hear ourselves and create space for stillness and calm. Can’t wait for this to arrive.

    Caroline Gratzer on
  • I love the prompts, simplicity and size is small enough to carry in my purse.

    La'Chanda Stephens-Totimeh on

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