The planning products that worked for me on Spring Break

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The last two weeks have been irregular with Spring Break and a week that included travel with family.  Because of that, I gave my Best Today® Guide two weeks off (so great that it's undated right?) and relied on products that made more sense for the lighter weeks.  

As the weather gets warmer and you find yourself with days off or away from your normal schedule, here are a few Best Today® resources that can travel along with you when you still need to plan! 


I previewed my week using the Clear Your Mind Weekly Planning Pad (previewing my week is a non-negotiable regardless of how irregular an upcoming week may be).  Even though I wasn't on a normal weekly schedule there were things that I wanted to see ahead of time each week. 

I used the Clear Your Mind Weekly Planning Pad to preview my week so that I could see what we had laid out for travel and spring break and still have room to write out other things in the clear your mind space. 



For the majority of days I used the small sized Results and Outcomes Pad because it was small enough to carry with me and I didn't need a lot of space to write because the days were pretty event based. 

For example, the day we went on a hike I didn't have much I needed to do once we left for our hike so the focus of my planning was on what I wanted to do in the morning before and the evening when we returned. The rest of the day was free flowing and included a hike, bowling and dinner with friends. 


There was one day where I worked about 5 hours and the very best planning tool for a day of working for me is the Best Today® Guide, I didn't want to use the Best Today® Guide for one page only so I turned to the Daily Plan Pad.  So glad this exists! I was able to have the same system I'm used to from the Best Today® Guide but in one sheet of paper.  



If you're a Best Today® Guide user or want to try out our daily planning system, the My Daily Plan Pad is the way to go! It's also great if you want to plan your days in a way that doesn't involve listing out to-do's from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m and want to incorporate routine, well-being and only necessary results and outcomes in your days.  You can order the My Daily Plan Pad here

I've also created a quiz here to help you decide which planning resources are best for you to begin with, you can take that here


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