Consistency is at the root of intention

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Consistency is the act of adhering steadfastly to a principle, course of action, belief, or behavior in varying circumstances or situations. 

Consistency is one of the most necessary and vital attributes in living a life of intention and it is at the foundation of healthy living.  Why?  Because the things that are important to your well-being and intentionality require repetition, require you being so committed to the things that are important that it shows in your choices and actions day after day, after day, after day, after day, after day.  

Having worked with and helped thousands of humans over the last decade, I know that healthy consistency is a challenge and struggle for many.  Consistency requires effort, it requires a belief that you are worth the effort it takes, and it requires understanding who you are, what you want and understanding of the season of life you are in.

Oftentimes we take on too many things and too much.  We overwhelm our capacity and we accept that this is just how life is supposed to be.  Believing this narrative does not benefit you, your life, or the things and people that you love.

Wherever you fall on the consistency scale, the good news is that your consistency muscles can be strengthened.  You can be consistent in the things that matter to you.  You can make small daily deposits into your well-being and that is why we are dedicating the month of May to working alongside you in a 31 day Consistency Challenge. 

For the month of May we are inviting you to join us by committing to do ONE thing consistently for 31 days.  You get to decide.  My suggestion is that your one thing be something small, something meaningful to you, and something that you can do based on your circumstances for May.  If you are traveling, for example, choose something that you can do while traveling.

On Thursday, April 27th we will host our kick off call to answer any questions you have, share what you're going to focus on for May, and I will talk to you about how to get started. The link for the call is in your welcome email after you sign up here. 

Every Sunday in May you will receive an accountability email to report how things are going for you. 

On Tuesday, June 6th we will have a celebration call to celebrate your diligence, effort, and growth and we'll hand out some prizes and awards too! 

To join and download your Consistency Chart click here or go to

Choose ONE thing that you want to do consistently for 31 days.  Something you've been wanting to build consistency with (planning your days the day before, time for reflection every morning or night, stretching, reading a book, the options are limitless!) or perhaps something you've wanted to incorporate in your days to infuse more intention, joy, or well-being!

Consistency is a muscle that you can strengthen.  So many times we look for shortcuts, for tips and tricks and hacks, but those do not require consistency.  They're one- off things that give you an instant dopamine hit and then leave you in the same state (sometimes worse) than where you began.  The life you want will be built on consistency, not hacks and short-lived tips.  

The life you want will be built on consistency, not hacks and short-lived tips.

I cannot teach intentional living without consistency.  

I cannot teach you to be proactive and intentional with your time without consistency. 

Let's strengthen your consistency muscle together in May! 

Join the May Consistency Challenge 


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