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Have you had your eye on many of our Best Today® planning notepads and wanted to try several or ALL of them?  Now you can with the new Sheet Sample Pack!  

The Sheet Sample Pack includes individual sheets from seven different products in multiple sizes for a total of 44 sheets and this week we're shipping them to you for FREE to make it an easy "YES" to getting started!

Here's what's included in your Best Today® Sheet Sample Pack:

These 44 pages will help you determine which work best for you and which you like most when planning and living out your weeks and days!  We want this to be the thing that helps you get started!  

You will receive 44 individual loose sheets.  Use them all, see which you like, which help you most and then you'll be ready to come back and order the full notepad of each product you love! 

I recommend testing out each weekly planning page to see which you like more, or you may determine you like both and use each for different types of weeks.  Then try out the different ways you can plan your days with the Results & Outcomes, My Daily Plan and/or the Today's One Thing.  You'll likely find that one fits you best or you like a combination of them depending on what the day calls for.  I use the Clear Your Mind sheets for so many things including clearing my mind at the beginning of a month, quarter or weekend depending on what's on my plate.   And if getting into a solid morning and evening routine is something you're working on, it's a great time to utilize the Morning & Evening routine pages. The entire point of the sample pack is to give you an easy way to try them all and see what works best for you!

And yes, this is a great gift for those friends and co-workers that you've been telling about Best Today®!

Order your Sample Sheet Pack here.

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