5 Best Resources to Help with Your Consistency

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Consistency is necessary to live life intentionally.  Consistency is much like a muscle that you must exercise in order to strengthen.  The good news is that developing and strengthening your consistency muscle does not require a lot of time.  Consistency does, however, require your commitment and your willingness to relinquish excuses.  If you search hard enough you can find a reason to talk yourself out of doing any and every good thing for yourself.

There are five Best Today® products (and one honorable mention at the end) that work great to help you to improve or develop your consistency.  Let's go over each one and how/why it can help you to better your consistency. 

Weekly Preview Planning Pads

The Weekly Preview Planning Pads give you the space to not only preview your weeks with consistency so that you know what you have coming up ahead of time, but it also includes space to remind you to consistently practice narrowing your focus each week, determining what success looks like at the end of the week and space to encourage yourself throughout the week.

These practices blend the practical fact that we have things to do but also reminds you that narrowing your focus is necessary because we live in world where people are looking at mile long to-do lists that bring about overwhelm and debilitating procrastination. 

The Weekly Pads help you to build your consistency muscle by taking time one day each week to look at your week ahead and proactively prepare for what is ahead.

Not sure which one to choose from? Order the Sheet Sample Pack to try both along with five other products. It's a great way to determine which products work best for you. 


My Daily Plan Pad 

Taken directly out of the Best Today® Guide, the My Daily Plan helps you to consistently plan your days ahead of time but in a way that honors you as a person versus treating you like a to-do list machine. 

The My Daily Plan helps you to consistently consider and plan how you will start and end your day with routine, what you will do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being and narrow your focus to what is most important in the day. 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate your humanity, your wellness, and what results and outcomes you need in the day, the My Daily Plan is a great way to practice this each day.  The My Daily Plan Pad is also included in the Sheet Sample Pack. 


Anytime Today® Journal 

How consistently are you checking in with yourself? Pausing, reflecting, honoring that feeling you felt in your gut, or the thoughts you had but dismissed because you had to move on to the next thing.  Most people live life ignoring themselves and their thoughts and feelings because they "don't have time."

The Anytime Today® Journal gives you the space to check in with yourself as often as you need with no pressure to write at specific times.  The four prompts, Today I Am, Today I Feel, Today I Need, Today I Want help to prompt you to remember you and to tap into what's going on within.  It is a must have in this world that encourages you to ignore yourself in pursuit of productivity, world-dictated success and the like.  Order the Anytime Today® Journal here.


Not Waiting for January Class Replay 

In this live class I taught why humans consistently fail at consistency and how to get started with strengthening your consistency muscle and identify the reasons why you may find yourself in cyclical behaviors.  As you'll see from the reviews, it's definitely worth your time if you want to strengthen your consistency muscles.  You receive immediate access and can watch the replay as many times as you like and pause to take notes. You can access the "Not Waiting for January" Replay here.


Best Today® Guide 


Our best-selling Best Today® Guide gives you one place to plan the next 14 weeks of your life, from big picture all the way down to the day-to-day details.  A guided planner that also includes space to get clear on what matters and what you will focus on over the next 14 weeks, it is the best product for those ready to be consistent and intentional in their weekly and daily planning.  Order the Best Today® Guide here.


Honorable Mention: Today's One Thing 

Are you in a season where one thing is all you have capacity for each day? The Today's One Thing Pad gives you space each day to define one thing you will do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being and one result and outcome for the day.  If this is the season you're in, this tool helps you to consistently prioritize your health and well-being and stick to the one important task you want or need to complete each day.  

Which of the five (or six) will you get started with?  Want to hear more about the benefits of consistency? Listen to episode 111 of the Best Today® Podcast, 4 reasons to strengthen your consistency muscle. 

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