4 Products to Choose From to Plan Out Your Days

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Proactively planning your day is a core teaching at Best Today® and one that  thousands of customers across the globe have practiced to better optimize their time.  We know that there is no "one size fits all" product for planning your day so we have FOUR that you can choose from.  Find the product that works for your life today.  Let's talk about each of your options! 


Best Today® Guide 

Our hero product the Best Today® Guide covers 14 weeks and allows you to plan your months weeks and days in one place.  It serves as your weekly and daily planner as well as contains daily morning pages to help you start your day with intention writing out what matters, what doesn't and your vision.  It is the one place to hold your goals, day-to-day plans and it's our best-selling product!

If you're not ready for or in need of the Best Today® Guide but like the way the daily planning pages are laid out then the next product is for you!


My Daily Plan Pad 

This notepad of 50 pages takes the Daily Plan Page from the Best Today® Guide and allows you to plan your days using the method used in the Best Today® Guide. 

Within each page you have space to plan out your rise time, what you will do for your health and well-being, your morning and evening routines, the priority for the day and results and outcomes necessary for the day. 

Today's Results & Outcomes Pad

The Today's Results & Outcomes Pad is your one place to intentionally plan and capture what matters most in your days.    

In one place you can plan out and list:  

  • the most important things that need to be accomplished
  • any future or next steps that come up throughout the day 
  • distractions, hurdles, questions and/or issues that come up during the day 
  • anything you need to add to your calendar based on what happens in your day

And, because everyone is different and has different needs the Results & Outcomes Pad comes in THREE sizes to choose from.

  1. LARGE: 8.5" x 11" ready to help you plan your full days.
  2. MEDIUM: 5.5" x 8.5" take it along easily in your work bag.
  3. SMALL: 5"x7" ready to toss into your purse and carry with you throughout the day.

If you're new and want to start with one daily planning product to help you in your days, my recommendation is the Results & Outcome Pad

Today's One Thing 

If your days aren't full and you're in a slower paced season of life the Today's One Thing Pad may be a great option for you.  Focusing on one thing each day to do for your health and well-being and one important result or outcome.  These are gifted often to moms to newborns and infants and anyone who is in a season that does not need a lot of space for results and outcomes each day. 

Bundle with Weekly Preview Pads

We've made it easy to help you proactively preview your weeks and days with Week to Day Bundles.  Our two weekly preview pads help you to see your week ahead in one place.  Choose from the Clear Your Mind or the Full Weekly

We've made Week to Day bundles that include (1)one Weekly Preview pad of your choice (2) One Today's Results & Outcomes pad or My Daily Plan Pad and (3) the How to Preview Your Months, Weeks & Days manual.  The three of these together give you the tools you need to consistently and sustainably plan your weeks and days! 

Result & Outcome Week to Day Bundles are here

My Daily Plan Week to Day Bundles are here.

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