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Did you know that we have videos that cover just about every single product we have here at Best Today® AND that we also have videos where I teach about planning and routine in detail?  Well today is the day to catch up on what you may have missed up until this point so let's talk about our video library which is housed here on our Best Today® TV channel.

Our channel is divided into four categories/playlists: 

  1.  Planning 
  2.  Routine
  3.  Best Today® Guide 
  4. A private channel with exclusive videos for our email insiders (join here for free


The planning videos offer you help with planning whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or even planning projects around the house, at work or in your life.  We also discuss our planning products and how to use them and how they help you with intentional planning and execution in a way that keeps your humanity at the forefront and doesn't require you to focus solely on productivity and producing because you are not a machine.

Here are some of the planning videos on our channel: 



The routine videos offer you help with understanding how routine can work for you in whatever season of life you are in.  We also discuss our best-selling program Right Now Routine that teaches you our TACO method for creating a routine that lasts. 

Here are some of the routine videos on our channel: 



The Best Today® Guide channel is dedicated to the Best Today® Guide walking you through every page and every concept of our bestselling product, the Best Today® Guide.  

Here are some of the Best Today® Guide videos on our channel: 

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What type of video would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!   If you have a favorite/most helpful video we'd love to hear that in the comments as well. 


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