Starting Small: Five small steps you can start with today (choose one)

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Small steps matter.

They add up over time.

They help you to build momentum and confidence. 

One small win of consistency and seeing the results from your effort makes your brain look for ways to recreate those small wins in other areas of your life. 

At Best Today® we are advocates of small, specific intentional steps and we create resources to help you choose one small step to take.


1. Right Now Routine™

Right Now Routine™ is the small step you take learning how to create routine that work for your life right now?  Then we've got you covered with Right Now Routine™ our digital program that teaches you the T.A.C.O. method to create routines that WORK. And we don't leave you to figure it out on your own. Our digital dashboard allows you to submit questions you have along the way and we answer them right there within the program for you.  

2. Morning & Evening Routine Pad

Defining how you will bookend your day by writing out what you will do to begin and end your day with intention can be done simply with our Morning & Evening Routine Pad.  50 pages to help you build consistency over the next 50 days. 


3. Today's One Thing™ Pad 

Designed to help you proactively plan one thing you will do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being along with one result/outcome for the day, the Today's One Thing™ Pad allows you to practice proactively planning what matters most in a few short minutes.  50 pages to help you build consistency over the next 50 days.  

4. Weekly Preview Planning Pads

You can preview your week each week.  This one practice will eliminate stress and confusion within your week because you have proactively looked at what is ahead before the week starts.  We teach the C-TONE method which you can read about, watch or listen about here.  Choose from one of two styles--Full Weekly which mirrors the Best Today® Guide or the Clear Your Mind Style which includes space to clear your mind, a practice also taught in the Best Today® Guide.  If you're not sure where to start, this is the place we recommend first. We make the "how" simple with the C-TONE method and the weekly preview pads guide you along the way. 

Share the weekly pages with your family, team or whomever else you want to communicate what is coming up.  In our house we use a weekly preview page at the front door each week so that everyone is aware of what's happening within the week! 

At Home

5. Clean One Room™

Clean One Room™ is our digital program that teaches you in less than one hour how to clean one room at a time and set it on a reset routine.  We've had customers who purchased Clean One Room™ when it first launched over 2 years later still have the same rooms in their home clean and organized by using the Clean One Room™ methods! If your home environment is the place where you need to take the first small step, Clean One Room™ is for you! 


Five small ways to take one small, specific and intentional step.  You are worth the effort it takes and we want to celebrate with you along the way! Leave the words "ENCOURAGE ME" at checkout to let us know you read this blog post when you place your order and we will send you a little encouragement from us to you!! 

P.S. After you choose your first step, listen to episode 47 of the Best Today® Podcast on the power of small intentional steps! 


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