Three Best Today® Products You Need Today

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Three products you may have slept on or missed at Best Today® that are ready to help you and/or your family right now! 

Plans Be Done™ Planning Pad

The Plans Be Done™ Planning pad is the tool that helps you to finally do the things you want to get done from start to finish.  The Plans Be Done™ Planning pad walks you step-by-step in laying everything out for your plans and allows you to see everything in one place.  Want more guidance? The Plans Be Done™ online program helps you understand the "how to" of planning anything.

We have professional project managers who use the Plans Be Done™ Planning pad for work, we've had customers use the planning pad to plan weddings, career changes, promotions, around the house projects, the college application process for their teens, projects for their young children at home and more!  There are no limitations on what the Plans Be Done™ planning pad can help you to plan and do!

Click here to order yours today.  And if you'd like to bundle it with the online program it comes at a bundled price to help you save, click here for the online program or the bundle with both the program and planning pad. 


Morning & Evening Routine Pad

The Morning & Evening routine pad gives you the space to proactively and intentionally write out what you will do and how you will intentionally start and end your days.  I cannot stress enough how this one small and intentional step of planning how you will meet the day and close out the day can shift the flow of your days and help you to maximize your energy within your days.

What I love most is that the simplicity of this pad makes it great for many ages.  Introduce this pad into your life, for your team at work, your spouse and children, your friend who is consistently complaining about time and running late or not getting enough sleep and beyond! 

We recently had a customer who shared with us that she ordered the Morning & Evening Routine pad for her four children to use over the summer to help them be intentional with the bookends of their day--intentionally starting and ending each day with what is needed to help them in their days.  

Order the Morning & Evening Routine Pad here. 

If you need help with creating routines, if you've ever tried to create routines and they did not work for you or you were not able to keep the routine going consistently, our short online program Right Now Routine™ has helped thousands of women worldwide to create realistic routines that work for their life right now.  Click here for Right Now Routine™ if you need help with creating routines, understanding how to make them work for your life and how to make them work for you. 


Today's One Thing Pad 

The Today's One Thing Pad is designed to help you be proactive and intentional with your days with very little prep work.  Each day you will proactively plan one thing you will do for your (1) mental,  (2) emotional and (3) physical health and (4) write out the one most important result or outcome for the day.

This is excellent for those who do not currently use the Best Today® Guide, want to use the Best Today® Guide but are not ready to start with it yet or want to practice a small portion of the Best Today® Guide practice.  Today's One Thing offers you an effective and bite-sized entry way into proaction and intentionality in your day-to-day.  

The Today's One Thing pad is our most gifted product because of its simplicity and how it can introduce others to proaction, intentionality and practicing prioritizing your well-being daily. 

The Today’s One Thing pad is an excellent gift for friends, family, teachers, parents at home with little ones, anyone who could benefit from taking 5-10 minutes to practice self-love, proaction and intention (spoiler alert, that’s all of us)!  It is also a great introduction to the principles that we teach at Best Today® and inside of the Best Today® Guide. 

We recommend thinking of these questions when you’re planning your day with your Today’s One Thing pad

  • Mental: what will help you best respond to the stressors in your upcoming day?
  • Emotional: what will help you maintain control or awareness over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors?
  • Physical: what will help your body function at its best?

As it relates to your one result or outcome for the day, what is one thing you want to accomplish or make progress on today?  Your one thing doesn’t have to be work related, it can be whatever is the one thing you want to make progress on or complete in the day. 

Each Today's One Thing pad comes with a bookmark that provides the prompting questions above to help you get started.  It's the product that leaves no room for excuses or procrastination. Its simplicity makes it effective. 

Click here to order Today's One Thing Pad for you and/or the people in your life who you know need it!

hand holding morning and evening 5x7 notepad and today's one thing 5x7 notepad

And there you have it, three Best Today® Products you didn't know you needed and now you know--Plans Be Done™ Planning Pad, Morning & Evening Routine Pad and Today's One Thing pad! Which are you adding to your cart today? 

Here are videos from our YouTube channel that show you the Morning & Evening and Today's One Thing Pads as well. 


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