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If you're looking for one simple way to become a better steward of your time keep reading.  Previewing your week is a simple way to proactively prepare for the week ahead and the best part is that it does not require a lot of your time.  


Previewing your week is looking over what is to come in your upcoming week before the week begins and documenting what you need so that you can prepare. 


Previewing your week offers peace of mind, perspective and information. Peace of mind knowing what is coming up ahead of time and perspective because one you write out what is coming up in your week you see what is versus how you feel.  There have been countless of times when I felt as though I had so much coming up but after previewing my week in my Best Today® Guide I saw that it was manageable or that I still had time to prepare for everything that was coming up.  It gave me an accurate perspective of what was to come.  And lastly, previewing your week gives you information about what is coming up that may lead you to alter, change or cancel some of the things coming up in your week. 


I use the Best Today® Guide as my monthly, weekly, and daily planning tool.  Every week has a two page spread to Clear Your Mind and Preview Your Week.  

During weeks where I am traveling or have lighter days (typically summer time and during family trips) I will preview my week with one of the Weekly Planning Pads.  They are also a favorite among those who have a daily planner system that works for them or who do not like or keep up with planners altogether.  

How to Preview and Plan Your Week 

I've taught the C-TONE method to thousands of customers. It's a simple way to include everything you need when previewing and planning your week.  If you'd like a detailed guide walking you through more detail on each step along with mockups, pictures, frequently asked questions and information on how to preview and plan your months and days as well, you can download it here. 

Clear Your Mind. 

Before you begin previewing your week, sit down and get all of the thoughts, ideas, worries and the like out of your mind.  I like doing this first so that when I go into previewing my week my mind is clear and I am not feeling weighed down by thoughts and feelings.  I add to the Clear Your Mind section in my Best Today® Guide throughout the week as things come up which help me keep track of new results/outcomes that need my attention. 


Define and write out what is most important for you this week, set the tone. What is your primary focus this week and what do you want this week to feel like, what matters most in this upcoming week.  There is designated space to answer this in all of our weekly previews both on the Weekly Planning Pads and Best Today® Guide


Write out all of those things that have a time and date associated with them: meetings, appointments, events, deadlines, flights.   Write out all of your o'clocks. 


What is necessary in your week but not an o'clock.  Examples of these may be your meals for the week, projects you're working on, or tasks that need your time and attention.


Look at what your week looks like as is with the o'clocks and necessary items and evaluate and make adjustments as needed.  Do you need to begin batching things like errands on the same day, meetings on the same day, etc... This is your time to ensure that your week has the space needed and a flow that works best for you. 

If you'd like more explanation and to see examples of C-TONE you can download the detailed manual here. 


In October I taught a workshop, Basics of Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planning: Alternative Ways to Plan based on your schedule, season, and capacity.  The October workshop teaches you how to plan, why we plan, and give you different methods for planning your weeks and days that you can choose from based on your season of life and capacity.  Each way will teach you how to center your well-being first before getting to your "doing."  If you want to be a better steward of your health and time, this workshop is for you and you get the replay here.

Questions about previewing your week? Ask below or text us 404-737-1002!


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