How to Start a New Month with Intention

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Just like we teach to begin each week with intention, the same is true for each month.  Let's talk about three resources to help you take 15-20 minutes at the top of each month (or shortly before is even better) to prepare and preview your month and close out the previous month. 

Preview Your Upcoming Month 

Previewing your month takes a few steps and can help you to get an overview of what is to come and allow you to block time for the people, places, and things that matter most first (note: you are first on that list).  We teach the C-TONE method at Best Today®.  You can listen to Episode 45 of the Best Today® Podcast to learn more. 

I've taught the C-TONE method to thousands of customers. It's a simple way to include everything you need when previewing and planning your months (and weeks).  If you'd like a detailed guide walking you through more detail on each step along with mockups, pictures, frequently asked questions and information on how to preview and plan your months, weeks, and days as well, you can download it here. 




Clear Your Mind. 

Before you begin previewing your upcoming month, get all of the thoughts, ideas, worries and the like out of your mind.  I like doing this first so that when I go into previewing my month my mind is clear and I am not feeling weighed down by thoughts and feelings.  


Define and write out what is most important for you this month, set the tone. What is your primary focus this month and what do you want it to feel like, what matters most in this upcoming month.  


Write out all of those things that have a time and date associated with them: meetings, appointments, events, deadlines, flights.   Write out all of your o'clocks.  And do not forget to include time that you block out for yourself: time for rest, play, and anything that is important to you. 


What is necessary this month but not an o'clock.  Examples of these may be projects you're working on or tasks that need your time and attention.


Look at what your month looks like as is with the o'clocks and necessary items and evaluate and make adjustments as needed.  Do you need to move some things around because a particular week is too full or has conflicts, do you have space to add in some things you've wanted to make space for, etc... This is your time to ensure that your month has the space needed and a flow that works best for you. 

If you'd like more explanation and to see examples of C-TONE you can download the detailed manual here. 

Write a Hello/Goodbye Letter 

I talk about this in episode 117 of the Best Today® Podcast you can listen here.  I love using my Anytime Today® Journal on the last day of each month to write a goodbye to the month that's gone and on the first day of the month I write a "hello" to the new month to write out my expectations, hopes, feelings and the like. 

I've found this to be such a powerful exercise and so have many of the women in the Best Today® audience.   Listen to the podcast episode for more details and give it a try!  There is not right or wrong way to do it, whatever comes up for you, write it! 

Join the October Workshop (or get the replay) 

On October 19th at 1:00 p.m. eastern I am leading our second workshop in our 3-part workshop series.  The October workshop is on the basics of month, weekly, and daily planning giving you alternative ways to plan based on your schedule, season, and capacity.  You can join live or get the replay depending on the time you read these words. 

Submit your questions before, during, and after the workshop and we will provide you with the help you need to meet you where you are! 

As you can see, we take proactive planning and preparation seriously.  We know how much it can help you in your day-to-day and big picture.  

If you'd like more explanation and to see examples of C-TONE you can download the detailed manual here. 

Questions about previewing your month? Ask below or text us 404-737-1002!


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