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Surprise! The Best Today® Guide has been updated and this blog post contains every detail you need to know.  The updated Best Today® Guide will be available online this Wednesday, November 23rd at 10:00 a.m. eastern. 


I've also included a video below that provides a side-by-side comparison of the original Best Today® Guide with the updated version to ensure every question you have is answered! Let's get started. 

Update 1.  Intentional Start Section 

Similar to the "Getting Started" pages in the original Best Today® Guide, the updated includes two big picture pages and four pages that allow you to narrow your focus to the next 14 weeks (the Best Today® Guide covers 14 weeks).  Within those pages you will turn your focus on what is most important over the upcoming 14 weeks working through the designated "The Next 14 Weeks" pages.  

My favorite addition to this section is the "Wins, Memories & Lessons" page to allow you to keep track of the memories that can easily fade away when we don't write and recall them.  You'll be amazed how many memories, wins and lessons you experience within 14 weeks! 

I also included a monthly breakdown so that you can see what is coming up in each month or list out the things that need to be done each month.  

The new starting pages set you up to optimize your time and focus on what's most important.  I'm so excited about this new addition!   

Update 2. Weekly Preview pages

To give you more space for your weekly preview and planning the "No More Distractions" box has been moved to the Clear Your Mind page and the Clear Your Mind page gives you even more space for clearing your mind each week. 

This shift provides you with more planning space to C-TONE your weeks

Update 3. My Daily Plan Page

The updated Daily planning page now has a designated space for your evening/end of the day routine and breaks out the wellness breakdown so that you have separate spaces to write out what you will do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being each day.  

Update 4. Morning Best Today® Page 

The morning practice page now has space for you to write out each morning "what matters today" and "what does not matter today."  I've loved using these two new sections each day to remind myself of what matters and what does not to ensure that I don't expend any time, energy or resources to the things that do not matter in each specific day. You're going to love how this helps to narrow your focus each day so that you can live it intentionally!

Update 5. Review Pages 

And the final update is the addition of review pages at the end of your 14 weeks in the Best Today® Guide to give you time to review before beginning your next Guide.  You have space to review what worked, celebrate your wins and reflect in a way that will make starting your next Guide far more intentional and purposeful.  

Let's take a closer look at the new updates side-by-side with the original Best Today® Guide.  The intention and overall process has not changed, the updates allow you to use the Best Today® Guide as the one place that houses the specifics of what matters most in your months, weeks and days. 

I'm so excited to get it into your hands!  Join me on December 27th at NOON eastern for a live class walking through the updated Best Today® Guide.  The class is free with your order of the updated Best Today® Guide and for all Best Today® Guide subscribers.  

Questions about the updated Best Today® Guide? Ask below! 

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