How Will You Honor Yourself Today?

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In a recent Instagram live, I gave an update on how the past 3 weeks have been challenging with major disruptions to my normal schedule and how living out the Best Today® practices (routine, planning and starting my day in my Best Today® Guide, prioritizing my mental, emotional and physical well-being) helped me to ride the wave of no childcare, solo parenting for weeks and unexpected loss/grief while also running a business, raising children, being a friend, daughter, and, most importantly, taking care of myself!

I challenged everyone on the live to ask themselves daily how they are honoring themselves. Honoring what you need and honoring how you feel each day. This level of self-awareness and self-love helps to prevent "getting by" day in and day out so that you can live your life intentionally (which I talk about in episode 53 of the Best Today® podcast this week, please make sure to give it a listen here on our website or here on iTunes or on Spotify).

Inviting in stillness

One way to honor yourself this week is to invite stillness in. What are some of the ways that you practice stillness in your daily life?

By stillness I mean no engagement with screens.  Instead use your time to exist and be without the need for external stimulation. A time to sit with your thoughts, feelings or just experience life without needing to stare blankly at a screen or scroll aimlessly.

Need some ideas on what you can do to practice stillness?  Reading a physical book, writing with pen and paper, journaling, crafting, coloring, painting, knitting, meditation, restorative yoga, cooking, the list could go on and on.

What is one way that you can invite stillness into your life today?

We live in a world that will constantly tell us to keep going, keep moving, avoid how you really feel, sweep uncomfortable conversations or feelings under the rug or avoid them all together. But I trust that you are not going to choose those options.

You are actively taking control over your life, over your choices and you choose to prioritize your mental, emotional and physical well-being by being an active participant in your life.

I know you want to honor yourself in every day because you're here reading this post from a company that teaches you how to do just that. Know that you are capable. Know that you are worthy of honoring yourself. 

So, now I really want to know. How will you honor yourself today? Text us at 404-737-1002, comment below or let's talk about it in the Best Today® Community. We are excited to hear from you!

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