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With fall quickly approaching I figured it was more than time for me to share one of the exciting highlights of my summer as it relates to Best Today®!  In late June I traveled to New Orleans for the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture to speak and share not once, not twice but three times!


On Friday of the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture, I joined Essence editor Victoria Uwumarogie on stage at the Wellness House to talk about what it means to be intentional with your time and your life.


The theme for Day 1 in the Wellness House was "Dismantling the Superwomen Complex" and I was thrilled to speak on this topic because how we spend our time is a reflection of how we feel and think about ourselves (pause and read that again).

In a world obsessed with productivity I run for every chance I get to share a different message. A message of intentionality. A message to remind women (and anyone else who wants to listen) that we are not what we do and we are far more than the roles and titles we hold. I am determined to help to create a world where our humanity is at the forefront, where we are able to value rest (while awake) and moving slow and steady with consistency (like the wise tortoise who beat the hare).

Following my time on stage I then moved into the round room for a workshop/conversation discussion on how proaction and intentionality are key principles in time management. It was a joy to be in conversation with the women in the room and to hear their stories of overcoming (or striving to overcome) the superwoman complex so that they can embrace their humanity in their daily lives.

We discussed boundaries, routine and the role of awareness and self-love in time management to name a few. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on these topics every chance that I get as I strive to be a resounding voice to change the way that women plan and live out their days!


On Saturday, I was selected to be one of five finalists in a business pitch competition.  I was able to share about Best Today® and why the work we are doing is deserving of capital.  I am grateful for every opportunity to share the work that we are doing here at Best Today®  and it didn't hurt that I brought home a giant check with me thanks to the generosity of the team at New Voices Foundation and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. 


And lastly, on Sunday the five pitch competition finalists were in conversation on the Marketplace stage to share what camaraderie looks like in our business, who our businesses serve and how, and what to expect from our companies over the next five years.  
I never would have imagined that my first Essence Festival would look this way.  It was a delight to see and celebrate other Black women founders, to share my message of living with intention and to share more about Best Today® and the work that my team and I are doing.
This recap made it before summer officially ended and I count that as a win! I hope you enjoyed this brief snippet of my time in New Orleans for the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture! 

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