10 questions to ask yourself as we transition into a new season

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I've got ten questions to help you as we transition into a new season of summer.  The beautiful thing about these ten questions is that they can help you during any time of transition--starting a new job, entering into a new season of life, going back to work after parental leave, retirement, caring for loved ones, and the list goes on. 

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10 questions to ask yourself as you enter into a new season 


How do I want to feel in this season?

I love leading with this question because it is the reminder to remember how you want to feel in your body in this season.  Writing out this question and writing down what comes up for you over a week is a great way to allow yourself to tap into what it is you want to feel in this season. 

What is most important?

Everything cannot be most important.  Prioritizing helps us to make decisions.  Narrowly define what is most important in this season so that you can use it as a measuring stick for how you will use your time to prioritize and protect it. 

What are the fun and/or meaningful opportunities in this new season?

Don't forget to have fun! Even in the hardest seasons there is space for fun and/or meaningful opportunities.  What are the things that come up for you? Write them down and then schedule or plan them.  

What needs to be pruned so that I can get the most out of the unique opportunities in this season?

Pruning is a necessary skill in living with intention.  We live with human limitations like time, resources, energy, etc... What needs to be pruned away in this upcoming season so that you can make space for the opportunities that are ripe in this season and make space for those fun and meaningful opportunities you listed above. 

What about this season causes me worry?

Are you walking into this season with any apprehension, have you created any stories about worst case scenarios in this season?  Identify what is causing you to worry in this season so that you can address it--is this based on truth?  Is this based on living in the future and not the present?  Then address the this sub series of questions: 

  • Where did that come fromWhat's the source of your worry?  Is it real and relevant to you? And if the answer is yes, you have a real problem in this season, our next related question can help you begin to address it. 
  • How can proaction, self-awareness and self-love help me to be intentional with the things that are real, true, but still may be hard?

What is beyond my control?

Identify what is beyond your control so that you can remove it from your mental space. What can you control? This is where your focus goes.  You control far more than you think. 

Who matters most in this season?

No explanation needed here.  Who matters, so that you can be intentional in making sure that your choices and time reflect that. 

How will I prioritize my well-being in this season?

Your health and well-being is a priority, asking yourself how you need to take care of yourself reminds you to take the steps to do so.  What do you need to do to prioritize your mental, emotional, physical well-being? And remember the question about what needs to be pruned to make space for this. 

What routines need to be paused or created?

Do you need to pause or create any new routines for what your reality is now?  

What truth do I need to cling to throughout this season?

Proactively prepare to equip yourself with truth.  What do you need to cling to based on what you know is ahead in this upcoming season?

I share more on these 10 questions in episode 119 of the Best Today® Podcast.  You can listen here on our website or here that allows you to listen on multiple  platforms.  Let me know how these questions help you as you transition into new seasons of your life.  Submit your name and email below and we will send you a free download with the ten questions.  

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