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The next time you sit down and enjoy a hot cup of tea (or coffee) we want to be invited to the party!  Introducing four brand new Best Today® Mugs!  

Let's take a closer look at each mug and it's meaning. 

One Today at a Time™ is how we teach that we pace ourselves to live out our days.  Tortoise lifestyle over here, pacing ourselves one today at a time.  If you haven't listened to episode 47 of the Best Today® Podcast on the power of small steps you can do so here or here. Order your mug here.



This is what my Best Today® Looks like®!  This life motto and affirmation is so important to us we've dedicated an entire episode of the Best Today® podcast about it.  Listen to episode 88, "A perspective that can change the way you live each day" here or here

This life affirmation celebrates who and where you are today without waiting for your "arrival" at your next goal.  In the process, in the journey, you can boldly proclaim that this is what my best today looks like instead of withholding applause and celebration for the "finish line" <-- whatever that may be.  Order yours here.




Honoring the season you are in is a cornerstone teaching at Best Today®.  The season that you are in helps to shape and define your capacity and allows you to embrace the wonderfully unique opportunities before you.  We believe in honoring your season and if you're looking for a reminder to honor your season, this mug is waiting for you! 

P.S. note the one today at a time reminder in this mug too! Order yours here.

I say it time and time again so it had to be put on a mug for you to remember.  You are worth the effort it takes to live an intentional life.  The principles that you learn from Best Today® require effort.  But you're worth the effort.  Living an intentional life requires effort.  But you are worth the effort.  This mug is your daily reminder that you are worth the effort! Order yours here! 
Which mug is your favorite?  It's okay if your answer is like mine--ALL OF THEM! 

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