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Introducing the Today's One Thing Pad.  

This 5’’ x 7’’, 50 page pad is designed to help you be proactive and intentional with your days with very little prep work.  Each day you will make time to think about one thing you will do for your (1) mental,  (2) emotional and (3) physical health and (4) write out the one most important result or outcome for the day.

This practice is derived from and incorporated in the Best Today® Guide.  We took those same daily principles and created a shortened version to help you begin the practice of proactively thinking about YOU.  One thing that you need each day.

Each day you will plan out what your one thing will be in each category for the next day and have it written out in one place. You can tear out your sheet each day and include it in your planner, put it on your desk, or carry your Pad with you.  At 5’’ x 7’’ it is a convenient size to incorporate into whatever works best for your day. 

The Today’s One Thing pad is an excellent gift for friends, family, teachers, parents at home with little ones, anyone who could benefit from taking 5-10 minutes to practice self-love, proaction and intention (spoiler alert, that’s all of us)!  It is also a great introduction to the principles that we teach at Best Today® and inside of the Best Today® Guide. 

Wondering what mental, emotional and physical health looks like?  Think of these questions when you’re planning your day with your Today’s One Thing Pad: 

  • Mental: what will help you best respond to the stressors in your upcoming day?
  • Emotional: what will help you maintain control or awareness over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors?
  • Physical: what will help your body function at its best?

As it relates to your one result or outcome for the day, what is one thing you want to accomplish or make progress on today?  Your one thing doesn’t have to be work related, it can be whatever is the one thing you want to make progress on or complete in the day. 

This practice will get easier with time and you will find yourself proactively thinking about what you need! 

Week to Day Bundle 

We’ve also created the Week to Day bundle that includes Today’s One Thing Pad with your choice of one of our Weekly Preview Planning Pads.  As the name suggests these two together keep you proactive and intentional in your weeks and days.  Learn more about the Weekly Preview Pads here.  

If you have any questions about the Today’s One Thing Pad, submit them below and a member of our team will respond. 


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