5 Different Ways to Use Your Clear Your Mind Pad

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I created the Clear Your Mind Pads to help you with the Clear Your Mind Practice that we do monthly and weekly to prepare to preview the upcoming months and days.  I know many people do this exercise daily or a few times a week but here's the thing I did not know or expect--the Clear Your Mind Pad does WAY more than help you clear your mind! 


So here are four ways I have recently used the Clear Your Mind Pads! They have become an almost weekly resource to help me to streamline work and life.  I use it, get the benefit and then I toss the paper in the recycling bin and keep it moving. 


When I have calls or in person meetings my Clear Your Mind Pad has become the perfect place to write down the important things and then give myself key action items in the "now, next, later" categories.  I'll list out key notes on the left hand side and anything that I need to do or delegate is listed in the now, next, later categories.  Everything is in one place and I love it! 

Car Shopping

Recently while car shopping I used my medium size CYM Pad to list out the cars that I found online on the left column and then all the things I needed to do and places I needed to go on the Now, Next, Later columns.  It was so helpful to have one place that listed the cars, my thoughts about them, the price and details about each car and then remember things like calling insurance to get the new car added, etc... With one sheet of paper I was able to look at cars and purchase one in less than 4 days and knock out every single additional task that needed to take place before, during and after.  Thank you CYM Pad! And because I used the medium I could carry it around with me in my purse which was so helpful!

Birthday Party Planning + RSVP tally

I used the CYM Pad to plan the details of my daughter's birthday party. As you may have guessed already, I used the Now, Next, Later to list out what needed to be done about 3 weeks out.  I kept the tally of the RSVPs on the left hand side and how many donuts I needed to order for the party and for the favors.  On one sheet of paper I had everything in one place, I used the medium size again because I wanted it to travel with me so that I could keep tally of RSVP's as they came in and also write things down as they came to my mind. 

Kitchen Sweep

I explain what my quarterly kitchen sweep is in episode 15 of the Best Today® Podcast.  The short version is I go through my pantry and deep freezer and take inventory so that we can eat what we have. This saves us so much money and prevents food from going bad or being overlooked month after month, week after week.  Once a quarter works for me but you can do a kitchen sweep as often as you'd like. 

I normally do this one a blank notepad but the Clear Your Mind Pad worked even better because after I did the inventory of food on the left column, I was able to plan out meals based on what we had for the upcoming weeks in the Now, Next and Later columns.

Trip Planning 

Working through the details of an upcoming trip? As I was considering the prices of different hotels, resorts or air b&b's along with park ticket pricing I used the CYM pad so that I could see all prices in one place to compare and make decisions.  I was able to list out the pros and cons for different resorts and make a decision once I saw everything in one place! The CYM wins time and time again! 

Your Turn! 

Hopefully this gets your wheels turning and you're thinking of the many ways that you can use the Clear Your Mind Pads to help you streamline things at work or at home and anywhere in between!  Clear Your Mind Pads come in two sizes, large and medium and you can bundle both and saveClick here to order yours!



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