Welcome to the Best Today® Podcast

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Welcome to the Best Today® Podcast! 

In a world and culture that makes busy-ness, comparison, and doing it for the ‘gram the norm, we exist at Best Today® to invite you into a different way of living by providing you with everything you need to trade busy for intention.

We believe that you are capable of being your BEST one TODAY a time and it begins with getting clear on who you are and what YOU want.

The truth is, you can live a life of intention, contentment and vision. You can be proactive and intentional with your time. And who you are right now at this very moment is all you need to get started or take the next best step. And this podcast is here to show you how.

Every Monday morning a new episode will await you where we will have conversations about topics that matter to you in your journey of becoming. While the world wants you to define who you are by what you do, we know that WHO you are right now is a person of great value. You, as you are right now, are worthy. And instead of highlighting doing, we focus on being. Because we know that being your best leads to doing your best.  And, above all,  we want you to love and prioritize yourself in the process and in the progress of being your best one today at a time.

This podcast is the start of many important and relevant conversations, and we want to hear from you.  So each week you’ll hear us invite you to join in the conversation by sending a voicemail to ask your questions, share your feedback or thoughts on an episode and share your best today stories and successes.

So, welcome to the Best Today Podcast! The only podcast created to help women all across the globe proclaim, “THIS is what my best today looks like!” 

Teal background with the words " Who you are right now at this very moment is all you need to get started or take the next best step. And this podcast is here to show you how" in blue writing. Message welcomes to the Best Today Podcast.


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Do you have a Best Today® win from using the Best Today® Guide, Right Now Routine™, Clean One Room™ or being a member of the Best Today® Membership? Do you have a question or topic you'd like to hear on the podcast? We want to hear all about it. 

Leaving us a voice message is as simple as pressing the button below. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Loved hearing the trailer for The Best Today Podcast! Exactly what I expected, because Shunta is so clear and intentional with any project, business or endeavor she takes on! I can’t wait to hear more and learn how to work on myself to become the best me one today at a time!

    Carter Cundiff on

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