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The Best Today® Membership Community is our exclusive community built away from social media that connects and surrounds you with like-minded women who desire to live a life of intention.  


Inside of the Community you have 24/7 access to support, a place to ask questions and share your wins, live monthly calls, co-working hours,  an exclusive guided curriculum, consistency challenges, private workshops, and more!  You will find what you need inside of this unique and caring Community that we have curated and cultivated for you!

With an option to join month-to-month or annually you are in control of your membership. You can cancel at anytime.  If you decide you love it, which we think you will, we recommend joining the annual subscription to save $$!

Your first month is FREE inside of the Membership Community when you order the Best Today® Guide!

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Benefits of the Membership Community 


The #1 reason women join the Membership is for community of like-minded women who are working toward similar goals of being proactive, intentional, self-aware and self-loving.  

Live Calls

Every month we gather together on the first Thursday of the month for our Focus First call. Second Tuesdays are set aside for Routines Q&As.  These calls are invaluable and the replay is available within 24 hours for those unable to attend live! Join our weekly co-working hour also as often as you'd like!


We know that the journey is better when you walk it alongside people who will uplift you, encourage you and be honest with you.  The support you've longed for is here in the Community! 

What's Inside of the Membership Platform?

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Current Topics Inside of the Community 

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  • Best Today® Guide
  • Right Now Routine™
  • Clean One Room™
  • Monthly Call Recordings
  • Accountability 
  • Health 
  • Shunta Chats
  • Instagram Live Replays
  • Planning/Plans Be Done™
  • Workshop Replays
  • Consistency Challenge 

Conversations and posts are not limited to these topics.
Members are free to suggest new topics.  
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Your First Month is Free with the Best Today® Guide

The Best Today® Guide comes with your first month free inside of the Membership Community.
The Best Today® Guide is our best-selling 14-week undated guide that teaches you how to proactively plan your weeks and days while centering your well-being in the process. 

Inside the Community you'll find women who desire to be proactive and intentional with their time while also prioritizing self-awareness and self-love. With live monthly calls, co-working hours, exclusive guided curriculum, consistency challenges, private workshops, daily support and accountability and more, you will find what you need inside of this unique and caring Community that we have curated and cultivated for you.

Your purchase of the Best Today® Guide goes beyond a physical product. You will experience community, guidance, support and encouragement from women all across the globe! We're ready to welcome you into the Community today! Order the Best Today® Guide for your first month free!


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